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ZOOM 2.3.24
Understanding Emotionally Based School Avoidance

One day workshop

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Ange McMillan

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy accredited counsellor and specialist in anxiety

Do you work with young people who are struggling to attend school?

Are you noticing barriers showing up due to:


Social anxiety

Panic and panic attacks

Fears of leaving loved ones

Caring for others 

Sensory overload

Neurodivergence/ being neurodivergent

Physical health needs

Mental health struggles


...and so much more?

Do you want to have evidence based ways to reduce stress and overwhelm AND support parents and carers too?

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You will learn

  • What emotionally based school avoidance is.

  • Risk factors and warning signs.


  • A practical assessment process to help you get to the heart of what’s happening.


  • Ways to work with young people AND their carers.


  • Personalised strategies to support.


  • Ways to reduce anxieties and increase self-esteem


  • How punishing their behaviour will never  help and what to do instead.

  • The importance of looking at all areas of a young person's world.


Through following the journey of Saskia, a fictional young person and her struggles with school attendance you will discover new and innovative ways to assess, support and engage young people.


Based on hundreds of case studies, a research project and a group programme which resulted in 25% improvement in attendance for every person after only six weeks we will explore an approach that you can use to make a real and lasting difference.


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You will have:


A comprehensive assessment process 

Ways to make adjustments in and out of the classroom

How to find out what is impacting and what you can do to help

Creative approaches to support

Ways to include your parents and carers and how leaving them out can make things worse

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This is for you if:

  • You work in education/ directly support young people and their families

  • You don't believe that parents should be punished for non-attendance

  • You  don't think that this is due to bad behaviour

  • You DO use trauma informed approaches in your work

  • You value the impact of relationship and connection

  • You want the young person to be placed at the heart of the support.

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  • Online ZOOM

  • Saturday 2nd March 2024

  • Session opens at 9:30

  • 10:00-16:00

  • Cpd Certificate

  • Resources packs provided

  • £85

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