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About Elemental Health


Ange McMillan

Accredited Counsellor

I set up Elemental Health in 2015 after running counselling services for young people in schools and sixth forms.

I have my own lived experiences of systemic trauma, leaving home as a young teenager and experiencing anxiety myself for many years.

I realised with many young people, there was a lack of knowledge about what might be happening physically, emotionally and in their connections to others, so began to teach PHSE sessions on emotional literacy to year 9's.

My aim was simple; to help young people help each other and in doing so help themselves.

I then went on to train as a Youth and Adult Mental Health First Aid and Suicide First Aid instructor and began to write and develop my own training programmes for the adults in young people's lives.

I believe that with the understanding and support of calm, regulated and connected adults it becomes easier for every young person to thrive. 


My training is trauma sensitive and focused on creating an inclusive space for all.


I have delivered workshops, training, therapy and coaching to thousands of people across the world using evidence based strategies proven to work.

I am an NLP coach for parents and carers of anxious children and offer counselling sessions to help teenagers overcome anxiety.

I know that we are all looking for a quick fix but anxiety needs something different. It needs patience and understanding and the knowledge that you do have the power to live with this and even overcome it. I can show the tools to make that possible.

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