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Counselling for Anxiety


Therapist Profile 

Ange McMillan 

Accredited Counsellor and ANLP certified Coach

I use immersive technologies like augmented reality and avatar therapy to help my clients share their stories and experiences alongside more traditional therapeutic approaches.

The therapy I offer is tailored to fit the needs of your child because I believe that w
ith the right support we all have the capacity to change and to reach our full potential.

I offer short term solution focused therapy as well as long term open ended counselling and this can be discussed and then reviewed throughout our work together.


I work with individuals aged 10 upwards and offer telephone and online counselling.

LGBTQ+ ally and registered counsellor for The Terrence Higgins Trust and Stonewall.

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Therapist Profile 

Hollie Warren

Counsellor, therapeutic group lead, yoga teacher and mindfulness practitioner

I am a professional in the field of integrative counseling, mindfulness, and compassion practices, as well as a therapeutic yoga instructor.


Through my personal experiences of a challenging childhood and a journey to understand my own identity, I encountered struggles with anxiety, depression, and forming healthy relationships with others and myself. However, my path led me to the practice of mindfulness, which proved to be a turning point in my life. Experimenting with various meditation styles eventually led me to discover a technique that resonated with me, allowing me to cultivate self-compassion and rekindle love and acceptance for myself.


With a newfound appreciation for myself and my body, I embarked on a journey to address and heal the wounds of my childhood trauma and explore my true identity. Several years down the road, I made the decision to channel my experiences into helping and empowering children, young adults, and women in fostering self-compassion and fostering a positive relationship with their own identities, minds, and bodies. 

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