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Anxiety Support Coaching for Parents and Carers


Ange McMillan

Accredited Counsellor and ANLP certified Coach

Are you a parent or carer of an anxious teenager and feeling like you have hit a wall with where to go next?

You have tried avoiding the situations that cause upset, talking with them, trying to minimise the situation AND endlessly arguing and it seems like nothing has made a difference.

You have watched your confident child turn into an anxious, worried teenager who is missing out on time with friends, at school and doing activities they used to enjoy.

They are spending more and more time online and in their room and seem withdrawn and distant. Every approach results in more tears and arguments and it feels lonely and isolating.

I understand.

As a counsellor of teenagers with anxiety I see the impact it can have on the young person and the adults in their life.

My 6 week coaching programme is designed to give you the confidence and support that you are craving, so that you can help them in a way that will make a difference.


About Your Sessions

We will book an initial call to see how we might work together and for me to understand what might be happening. 
My focus is on you developing your own goals of what you would like to work on together. 
Your coaching will not be going back into the past or looking at the whys, instead it will be forward focused helping you develop a toolkit to support you and your child.
To book your free consultation click the link below.

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