Youth mental health first aid (England)  

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£300 per learner (Plus VAT)

10-12 learners

This course is a blend of 4 live sessions of 3 hours each and individual learning of 5.5 hours.

As more young people are experiencing mental ill health it is essential that we provide an environment where it is safe to talk about mental health and to understand how early intervention can help with recovery. This course will give the skills, confidence and knowledge to support a young person who is experiencing mental health issues.

Suitable for adults supporting young people.

The course covers:

Session One

  • What is ALGEE?

  • What is Mental Health?

  • Mental Health & Stigma

  • Impact of Mental Health

  • Risks and Protective Factors

Session Two

  • Signs & Symptoms of Depression

  • Signs & Symptoms of Anxiety

  • Strategies

  • Self Care

Session Three:

  • Impact of Suicidal feelings

  • Listening Skills

  • What is Psychosis?

  • Strategies

Session Four:

  • What is self-harm?

  • What are eating disorders?

  • Resilience

  • Strategies

  • Recovery

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