Therapeutic Group Programme

For teenagers too anxious to attend school


Ange McMillan

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy accredited counsellor

I know how tough the last few years have been for the young people in your care.

In and out of school, having to wear masks, change in routines, fears of catching Covid and the impact on loved ones.

Going to school has become more of a struggle, and when they are there the people and the environment can feel unwelcoming and unsafe.


Missed lessons, missed days and, for many, missed weeks or even months are not only negatively impacting their mental health but making it more difficult for them to even think about returning.


I get it

The number of young people failing to attend school has increased from 10.8% in 2018/19 to 12.1% and is still on the rise.

It’s an issue that we need to start to tackle now, but not through fines and blanket punishments.


Instead, through working with young people to understand the issues they face and how we can support them to succeed in education.

I support young people who want to get back into school but have lost the ability to understand what is happening and how they could ever return.

They miss their favourite lessons and teachers but the thought of sitting in a busy classroom fills them with dread. To put it simply, they can't see a way back.

That’s where my 6-8 week therapeutic programme comes in.


It’s designed to be delivered in partnership with the school the young person is based in and with their parents and carers when appropriate.​

This offers a unique opportunity to get to the root of what might be causing the anxiety and ways to implement support while moving at the young person’s pace.

All of the strategies are evidence based and have been used with thousands of clients in my therapy room.

The sessions are outcome measured and designed to improve confidence, increase self esteem and to reduce anxiety.

Each group is young person led, meaning they set their goals and agenda, so it’s tailored to what they need for success. 

Examples of session content



Group agreement | Getting to know each other activity | What would you like to change? | The worry pie chart 



Stress / anxious thoughts and worry | Stair of learning/ worry ladder | Resources on stress and worries



Your mental health | Your strengths | Resources on mental health conditions


If only they knew - normalising/ encouraging help-seeking behaviours | Share feelings with others 



Vision boards | Building new habits | Setting goals | The worry ladder



The foundations of feeling good (sleep/ movement/ sunlight) | What are your barriers? 



Putting it into practice | Moving up the worry ladder | The stress busting chatterbox



Putting it into practice 



Attending school (practice session)



Attending school (practice session) and ending


Our most recent cohort saw a 24 % increase in attendance in 6 weeks.


What My Clients Say

"Thank you, these sessions have really helped me"

"I enjoyed when we did booklets about anxiety"

"It helped me talk more with each other"