Stress and Anxiety Workshops

Half day group sessions for young people or adults


Ange McMillan

You support young people because you want to make a difference but right now it feels like you're being stretched outside of your comfort zone


You know the basics about anxiety and anxiety disorders but it doesn't feel like this is enough and almost every young person you are working with is feeling anxious right now


You're seeing anxiety presenting itself through panic attacks, school avoidance and emotional shut down


The tools you do have, work occasionally but you get the sense that there are more effective strategies that you could be using especially in the classroom


You feel like more of your students need additional support but many don't meet the threshold


I get it.


I have been there, researching for hundreds of hours trying to develop a toolkit that really works.


All of the strategies in this workshop are evidence based using the latest science and neuroscience and are used in my therapy room every day.


I offer half day and one day workshops for groups of up to 20 adults or a class of young people.

In the last year alone I have supported over 1200 young people across Wales working with organisations like Barnardos, Yeps Youth Service, and Carer Collective Wales.

All of my training meets the new Welsh curriculum guidance and the Department for Education Training recommendations.



What You'll Learn

How to spot the early warning signs of stress and anxiety
Learn the lesser  known signs and ways to cope
Language and labels of anxiety and the importance of developing emotional literacy
How to support panic attacks
Anxious brain myths and why we DON'T have a reptile brain
How to make sense of school avoidance  
My most effective in the classroom anxiety reducers and how to adapt these 
Listening skills strategies to help someone experiencing anxiety
You will a downloadable resource pack using some of my favourite templates AND the most up to date apps, websites and books that can help with anxiety relief that you can share with parents and carers too.