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Understanding Barriers to School Attendance

Train the Trainer


Ange McMillan

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy accredited counsellor and specialist in anxiety

This bespoke CPD accredited course is a mix of self-paced learning, resources and live training to help you deliver your own therapeutic group programmes to support young people and their families.


Using a combination of online modules and live sessions this will give you a framework to work in a way that includes the voices of young people, their parents and carers and the whole school community to find out what is really happening for them and offer the best ways to support.


If you are seeing barriers to attending showing up due to:


Social anxiety

Panic and panic attacks

Fears of leaving loved ones

Caring for others 

Sensory overload

Neurodivergence/ being neurodivergent

Physical health needs

Mental health struggles


...and so much more and are looking to develop a group programme that can be adapted for 1-1 sessions then this training is for you.

Suitable for youth professionals including teaching support staff, mental health leads, counsellors, coaches

You will learn


What emotionally based school avoidance is

Why some children experience emotionally based school avoidance 

How to share information

How to identify key stakeholders

Setting up the groups

Identifying group needs

Assessment processes

Being young person led

Ways to evaluate

Measuring impact

Listening skills

From sessions to school

Making adaptations

Phased returns

How to develop a bespoke programme based on the needs of your group.

Topics can include:



Stress relief techniques

Anxiety support

Confidence building

Boosting self-esteem

Emotional literacy

Using imagery

Vision boards

Setting goals

Facing fears gently

Helping with transitions


Based on hundreds of case studies, a research project and a group programme which resulted in 24% improvement in attendance for every person after only six weeks we will explore an approach that you can use to make a real and lasting difference.


You will have:


Access to a virtual learning hub with over 200 resources inside


Four virtual training modules.

Video library on topics like stress relief, self-harm and eating problems.

Session plan ideas for 1-1's and small group work.

Strategies and information to support your groups.

One live session to implement your learning.

Post session follow up to support with implementation and additional sessions including supervision can be arranged on request.

Face to face delivery quotes based on travel and expenses.

This is for you if:


You don't believe that parents should be punished for non-attendance

You  don't think that this is due to bad behaviour

You DO use trauma informed approaches in your work

You value the impact of relationship and connection

You want the young person to be placed at the heart of the support.

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