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Overcoming anxiety masterclass

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I Know You Care

Everything you do is to try and make your child's life as good as possible but right now it feels like you're watching them struggle and feel helpless 

You know the basics about anxiety  but it doesn't feel like this is enough right now and you are starting to feel stuck and alone 

You're seeing your child's anxiety presenting itself through panic attacks, school avoidance and emotional outbursts that leave you feeling overwhelmed afterwards

The tools you do have, work occasionally but you get the sense that there are more effective strategies that you could be using 

You know there are services that you can refer into but you also want to make life easier right now

I get it.

I have been there, researching for hundreds of hours trying to develop a toolkit that really works.

All of the strategies in this masterclass are evidence based using the latest science and neuroscience and are used in my therapy room every day. I have worked with hundreds of parents  and carers to help them.


What You'll Learn

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How to spot the early warning signs of anxious thoughts, worries and fears and what to do first

How to keep the doors of communication open. My tips for conversation starters with your child or teen

Practical steps you can take to start receiving support

Nutrition | Sleep | Movement | Breath and how these can reduce anxiety symptoms 

Your family as a team. How to work together to face the fears

Making sense of school avoidance and ways to help your child

Your worries and how to take care of yourself

You will also receive a strategy video to watch as a replay and a downloadable resource pack using some of my favourite templates AND the most up to date apps, websites and books that can help with anxiety relief.
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Who I Am

I am a British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy accredited counsellor and supervisor and specialise in anxious thoughts, anxiety disorders, worries and fears

I am an NLP coach, Thrive Childhood years practitioner and mental health awareness trainer, writing CPD accredited courses to teach people across the world about mental health problems and anxiety

Having lived with anxiety myself, I know how hard it can feel to reach out and ask for help. My dream is to help young people and the adults in their lives develop the strategies that I never had.

Everything I teach is what I have learned to help myself and to help the thousands of people I have worked with.

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