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Teenage Anxiety 

Understanding Anxiety and Barriers to School Attendance.
Support, Training and Therapy Groups.

Are you a parent, carer or youth professional seeing a huge rise in anxiety and feel like things are getting worse?

Do you want to find a way to offer support but your fear of getting things wrong is playing on your mind? 

Are you feeling helpless and hopeless whilst struggling to make sense of all the mixed information online?

I get it

You want to make a difference but it's hard to know how to get your teenager the help they so desperately need.

The past few years have seen levels of anxiety increase dramatically; resulting in missing school and losing out on spending time doing the things they love.  

I know how tough it can be to find expert support and up-to-date solutions that make a lasting difference in reducing anxiety symptoms. Resources out there are stretched and over capacity.

My skills and strategy training and support teach you the tools and skills to support teenage mental health. With a focus on connection, sleep, movement, and nourishment using evidence-based strategies that are proven to work and help them thrive again.

About me

Angela McMillan Elemental health Director

Hi, I'm Ange McMillan 

I'm a British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy accredited counsellor with 15 years' experience helping young people and adults. I've worked for Mind, The YMCA, Childline and The Terrence Higgins Trust supporting young people through workshops, therapeutic groups, coaching and counselling.

I provide coaching, counselling, CPD accredited training packages and PSHE sessions for young people and the adults in their lives to help them thrive again. All of my work is informed by thousands of hours of counselling young people and adults across the world.

Having experienced trauma, anxiety and adversity myself I truly believe that with the right support we can all reach our true potential.

Ways to work with us

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Reducing Barriers to School Attendance

In House Training and open workshops

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Stress and Anxiety workshops 

Half and one day workshops

Online or face to face

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Supporting Young People with Anxiety

In House Training

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Videos, templates and more

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1-1 Support

Coaching for parents of anxious teenagers and counselling for anxiety

Client feedback

"Thank you for an amazing and inspirational course, I have learnt so much and developed my skills in this essential work. If anyone reading is wondering about attending a course-the answer is a resounding yes!


Thank you Elemental Health."

"I am fairly ancient now and been teaching for decades - but I think this is one of the best training sessions I've ever had. Pacing, structure, content (balance between theory and concrete examples) and your style of delivery.”

" Angela delivered a phenomenal webinar - the advice given was extremely helpful and she shared some excellent techniques for helping a young person with anxiety. I will be attending more of her sessions as she offers such a wonderful resource! Thank you"

In the media

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