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Digital Courses

What You'll Learn

Why Understanding Stress Matters
What anxiety is
Anxiety Signs and Symptoms
​Physical, Emotional and Behavioural Signs and Symptoms of anxiety
Anxiety Responses and How to Help
Listening Skills to Use With Your Anxious Teenager
My Foundations to Reduce Anxiety
Strategies to Reduce Anxiety
Breathing Techniques to Work in the Moment
Your Teenager's Strengths. A Strategy Superpower

What My Clients Say

"Angela is a great trainer, I find that she communicates in such a way that I can really relate to what she is saying. The online course I did on Tuesday was brilliant I took so much away from the hour and a half and have really started to put things into practice."

" Attended a very useful,helpful and informative webinar this evening with Angela. Thank you for sharing some very useful strategies that we will be putting into action in September."

"Excellent ideas guidance and support for our children."

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