Understanding ocd

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We Know You Care


You are working with more and more clients presenting with obsessions and compulsions but your initial training provider did not cover this specialist area in enough depth for you to feel confident
You want to be able to offer support alongside the help of other professionals but feel scared that you might make things worse or un-do work that has been done in the past
Many young people you work with have either been discharged by CAMHS or are waiting to be seen and obsessions and compulsions show up in times of stress
You want to be able to offer in the moment strategies that can help.

We get it

All of the strategies in this workshop are drawn from lived experience and are designed to show you simple actions that you can take to make a lasting difference.

What You'll Learn

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What OCD is

Examples of obsessions and compulsions and how they might present themselves
What OCD is not
The difference between anxiety and ocd
Ways of working with ocd including type of therapy and strategies
Links between ocd and eating problems
When to make an onwards referral

This course includes a resource pack filled with additional resources, recommendations and ideas to help your work

There is ongoing post-session support.

Created and delivered by expert Julie Derrick this course is for youth professionals.

it is not designed to replace appropriate professional help.

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Who I Am

I am the author of two children's books on obsessive compulsive disorder.

I am an expert by lived experience; a mum who has witnessed first hand the effects that child ocd can have, not just on the child, but on the whole family.

I am now on a mission to raise awareness of this debilitating and often misunderstood illness
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In House Training

This course is available as in house training for up to 25 people. Email now to secure your date.

£1200 (Inc VAT)