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£1800 (Inc VAT)

16 learners

Teaching the theory and practice of suicide intervention skills that can be applied in any professional or personal setting, this programme is delivered over 6 hours as a suicide prevention session.


We use only the most experienced suicide prevention trainers to deliver this unique learning experience: for anyone who seeks greater understanding and confidence to intervene with people at risk of suicide. 

The course gives learners the knowledge and tools to understand that suicide is one of the most preventable deaths and the  skills can help someone with thoughts of suicide stay safe from their thoughts and stay alive. 

The programme teaches the skills needed to identify someone who may be thinking about suicide and to pass the person onto a suicide first aider. 


Course content:


  • The hidden toll of suicide

  • The ripple effect

  • The continuum of suicide

  • Intention versus outcome

  • Factors that contribute to suicide thoughts

  • Partnership working

  • Short film 'I'm really glad you've told me'

  • The needs of the person experiencing suicide thoughts

  • Suicide safety guide

  • Recognise suicide

  • Ask about suicide

  • Listen and learn

  • Creating a safety plan

Feedback and self-care


The one-day programme Suicide First Aid through Understanding Suicide Interventions is a City & Guilds qualification programme and the next step for people wanting a more in-depth practice-based approach to the learning. 
Fee for the City and Guilds accreditation is £85 per learner. To find out more about the accreditation please contact Lynn Parker  at

Evidence Base: 
Two independent evaluations in 2016 and 2017 by Dr Paul Rogers demonstrated 
significant statistical change in 14 of 19 measures. Increased confidence and reduced anxiety in dealing with suicide, were among the leading outcomes. 

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