webinar: supporting an anxious young person

Are you living with or supporting a young person experiencing anxious thoughts?

Are they having sleepless nights racked with over-thinking, fears of going to school and work, using any form of avoidant behaviour possible to not have to face their fear and struggling with the physical symptoms like sickness and sweating?

Are you struggling to know what to say or what to do for fear of making things worse?

Date: December 3rd

Time 7:00pm - 8:30pm


  • In this webinar I will help you identify some of the lesser known warning signs of anxiety in young people


  • We will explore how anxiety is not always what it seems and how to reach out and connect in order to understand


  • I will share 10 practical trauma informed strategies that help reduce overwhelm and dysregulation


  • I’ll share how these can be adapted to suit different age groups (including adults!)


  • You’ll have the opportunity to consider how you take care of yourself whilst you’re offering support


  • I’ll share my favourite resources along with guidance on where to go to get professional help


  • You’ll receive a downloadable PDF packed with further strategies to take away with you



About the trainer:​

Angela McMillan is an accredited counsellor and psychotherapist who specialises in anxiety and anxiety disorders. She has worked with thousands of individuals to help them overcome their anxiety.

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