PHSE Sessions and workshops
For young people year 7-13. Email to book your consultation.

Body Positivity

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Emotionally based school avoidance

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Mental Health awareness

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I know you care

You're a school leader seeing a rise in mental health problems and looking for ways to support the young people and families within your community

You are looking for training and workshops that will make a lasting difference rather than ticking a box

You want trainers who are experts in their field who can support you and your school beyond the sessions themselves

We get it.

As the curriculum changes it can be hard to keep up. Our courses have been written and developed by therapists and experts in their field.

In the last year alone we have supported over 1200 young people across Wales working with organisations like Barnardos, Yeps Youth Service and Carer's Trust South East Wales.

All of our training meets the new Welsh curriculum guidance. We provide a free initial consultation and post session follow up with you.


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