Workshops for young people; peer to peer support


Our peer mentor training programme can be implemented in any organisation that works with young people. Being a peer mentor can develop essential skills which include listening, support and signposting. It can help build confidence and provide the opportunity to learn basic counselling skills and youth work skills.


  • The course includes four three hour sessions, two training facilitators, weekly appraisals and final assessment. Once the programme is complete we offer two follow up sessions with the group and the senior leadership teams to support the work in practice.

  • Minimum group size of four is required.

  • Fees start at £1500 for four sessions (plus reasonable travel expenses) which includes handbook and learning materials.






Session One:


  • Understanding the role of the peer mentor

  • Understanding the skills required to be a peer mentor

  • ​Wellbeing and the issues students face


Session two:


  • Understanding illness

  • Mental health issues

  • Hidden disabilities

  • Working with specific learning needs

  • Skills practice


Session Three:


  • Confidentiality

  • Safeguarding

  • reporting concerns

  • Skills Practice


Session Four:


  • The importance of supervision

  • How to use your supervision sessions effectively

  • Paperwork

  • Skills practice




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