NLP Coaching for school leaders

Who you are

  • A school leader who knows you have so much more to offer but the day to day running of the school means other matters are always prioritised

  • You have goals you would like to achieve but feel that there is never enough time

  • You would like to have support in reaching these goals without spending months analysing everything

  • You know there are things holding you back 

  • You don;t feel like people see the real you and you would like to develop your relationships both professionally and personally 

  • You would like the skills to be able to navigate tricky conversations and walk away knowing every side felt supported by you



Neuro Linguistic programming is a way of getting to the heart of things quickly so that you can reach your full potential.

I offer the following:

  • A one off session where we identify where you are, where you want to be and how to take actionable steps to achieve

  • Six bi-weekly sessions to work on a specific goal

  • Twelve sessions

  • Anxiety relief

  • Fast phobia cure

  • Goal Setting

  • Improving relationships with others

  • Time management

  • Motivation

  • Habit making or breaking

  • Challenge your limiting beliefs

How it helps

What it is

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