Supporting anxiety in young people

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I Know You Care


You work with young people because you wanted to make a difference but right now it feels like you're being stretched outside of your comfort zone 
You know the basics about anxiety and anxiety disorders but it doesn't feel like this is enough 

Many people you support no longer reach the threshold for CAMHS and you’re feeling overwhelmed and wondering whether what you are doing is really helping.
Your caseload feels high but you feel terrible for turning people away when they are in need.

You're seeing anxiety presenting itself through panic attacks, school avoidance and emotional overwhelm
The tools you do have, work occasionally but you get the sense that there are more effective strategies that you could be using 
I get it
I have been there, researching for hundreds of hours trying to develop a toolkit that really works.
This course has been completely updated to include the very latest neuroscience and is packed full of evidence based strategies for you to try in the session to support your work
All of the strategies in this CPD Accredited workshop are evidence based and you will receive a resource pack, strategy video and post session follow up to help with any implementation.



What You'll Learn

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The difference between stress and anxiety


How to reduce stress


How to bust some anxiety myths and why we don't have a reptile brain


Signs and symptoms of anxiety; fight, flight, freeze. fawn and how sometimes during stress we flock

Tools to support a fight, flight, freeze or fawn response including sensory strategies


Panic attacks and how to help  

Supporting our parents and carers


Creative, evidence based trauma informed strategies 



This is a CPD accredited course which includes a resource pack filled with additional resources, recommendations and ideas to help your work

You will also receive an additional strategy video to help with implementation.

You also gain exclusive access to the course developer, accredited counsellor Ange McMillan to help you implement any strategies. There is ongoing post-session support.

This course meets the Department of Education standards for CPD training and also meets the Welsh Government new curriculum guidance.

Who I Am

I am a BACP accredited counsellor, NLP coach, Thrive Childhood years practitioner and mental health trainer. I And have made it my mission to help young people overcome anxiety and to thrive.

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In House Training

This course is available as in house training for up to 25 people

£1800 (Inc VAT)