“Angela is helpful, discreet,

approachable, efficient and calm.
The impact of her interventions is
invariably hugely positive, and the
training she provides for staff is of
the first order.”

Deputy Head, Cathedral School, Cardiff.

Angela carried out some mental health awareness training for one of our line managers as part of our Time to Change action plan. Angela is very knowledgeable and the training was well received."

Engineering Company Cardiff

"What a brilliant two day course thank u Angela and a great group x


Participant Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

"Angela is professional, knowledgeable and
trustworthy; she brings clarity when we are formulating support plans for students and maintains total confidentiality. I have always been impressed with her commitment and
dedication to ensuring the students receive the support they need.”

Learning Support. St David’s Catholic College.


"Thank you for an amazing and inspirational course, I have learnt so much and developed my skills in this essential work. If anyone reading is wondering about attending a course-the answer is a resounding yes! Thank you Elemental Health ltd."

Participant Youth Mental Health First Aid Training.

"Very competent trainer who facilitated a good and open discussion within the group"


Participant Workplace Mental Health Awareness Training

"The training was good especially the mindfulness and being non-judgemental, everybody engaging openly and honestly and showing empathy. I really enjoyed it. Great experience!"


Participant Mental Health Awareness Training

"Trainer really cared about the subject matter and is a good speaker."

An excellent course Angela, thank you. I now feel I have much better knowledge and tools to address youth mental health issues. I would highly recommend your workshops to anybody interested in this area. It was very life affirming to realise that mental health struggles are all around us but there IS hope and we CAN do something to help both ourselves and others.

Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

Adolescent Mental health awareness training:
“Very informative”
“A good overview and refresher
of issues that get forgotten in the
busyness of the teaching day”


Teachers attending Youth Mental Awareness Training

"I had been looking forward to this course for ages, and you certainly didn’t disappoint! It exceeded my expectations on every level. If you are thinking about doing this course the book it now. THANK YOU! Elemental Health Ltd"


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